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I move into my university dormitory on the 6th September, 2016 and did a post about my dormitory. Since I just move in and thought why not does a post about the preparation of moving in dormitory. I understand if you are the first time doing this you may panic or do not know where to start, lucky you got me. This is my first time moving in and I am very excited about it and also nerves. I will take about some preparation in the following.

List of What to Bring
You should have written this note one or two months before actual moving day so that you will have enough time to prepare. There are more and more items that you want to bring to dorm while you are packing. And the items you want to carry the less item you want to leave at home. That is why a list why do the job for you. It will tell what is important and what it is not. Or maybe you will cross out some unnecessary items.

Background Research of Your Dormitory
This is very important! You would definitely want to know what is going on in the place that you going spend the next year in. And it will give you motivation to pack your stuff. Also understanding what the dormitory is missing so that you can bring it form home.

Personal Items
I would recommend you guys bring your pillow or something that makes you feel safe to the dorm since it is a very new place to you. Also bring some shampoo and toothpaste in case there is not any grocery store nearby. Oh and some tissue in case you will need it.

Small Gifts
You will spend your time with your roommate in the following year and a warm gift will be a great idea. I mean who does love small and thoughtful gift. It is a great start to a new friendship.

The Night Before
Double check everything and confirm the shuttle bus service. It will calm your nerve and make everything smoother.

Small Locker
You do not know who your roommate and keeping your stuff safe is very important. If you lose something you will not want to ask your roommate about it. It is because it will make everything look so ugly.

It is a must. Bring few different types of essential medicine in case you get sick or injury. Of course no one wants that to happen but it is just in case.

Hope it helps you move-in to your amazing dormitory.

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  1. I remember moving into uni, I loved it! My first taste of freedom :)

    Corinne x

  2. I bet this is so helpful to people going to university, lovely post xx

  3. I miss moving into University dorms! I had such a blast living at UF :)

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  4. I just finished my studies at the university recently so I remember this process very well. Great tips.

  5. All the best for your move! I am in my final year at uni but I stayed at home with my parents. I think that the idea of moving into a dormitory so facinating but it isn't the same in SA. I will definitely use these tips when I am moving for work though!
    x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn


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