My Dream Diary #1 I Meet Him | 2016


Dear My Dream Diary,
4th September, 2016

It is an unexpected day or not. My friends and I were supposed to have fun in Disneyland, a place full of joy and happiness. We planned this trip a few weeks ago and couple days ago we were paying not to rain. But you cannot control the weather.

When I woke up the first thing I see is an unlimited greyness in the sky. I would not say I am disappointed but sure my friends were. They all cancel the trip a minute ago since no one wants go out with heavy rain but that no one does not include me. I love this kind of weather. So I get up, brush my teeth and make myself a healthy tasty smoothie. While I am making myself a smoothie I prepared a huge bowl of food for my loved husky, Diva, and yes that is her name. I then go to my favourite nearby coffee shop, close to my house, with my laptop and Diva. That is the only coffee shop allows dogs in and probably that is why I love that coffee shop so much.

On my way to the quiet coffee shop, my feet get wet a little bit but that's fine. The fun part is even Diva hates getting wet she enjoys playing with dips on the road. I kind of make fun of her after seeing her face turns from annoying to joyful. Well she can have all the fun, I gotta wash her wet and dirty feet later on or not she is gonna give me that face and ignore me. I am a dog slave, am I?

I order a huge cup of coffee, no sugar, dash of low fat milk, just as usual. No I am in a diet, I just do not fancy sweet coffee. The sweetness always covers the beautiful unique smell of coffee. I am doing my work in the laptop and listening to the sound of rain fall. Umm… maybe sometimes looking throw window to see what is happening out there. I was begging for thunderstorm at that time. And not for a long time the lightning and thunder have arrived. I am a bit excited through.

But that does not last long. When I saw a homeless old man curling under a tiny cover along the road, I feel bad for him. And wish I never have that wish. He hides his head under his hands, trembling, looking like a scared little puppy. I look at him for few more second and then I tell myself he needs your help. I walk out from the store with some heated breads and cup of hot drink and then I carry my one and only umbrella toward him. I hesitated for one second about giving him my umbrella but I know he needs it more than me. And my home is nearby, getting a little bit wet is nothing compare to him. So I walk out without letting myself have any chances to regret. I walk quickly to him, our distant is reducing, and I can see him more clearly. Then I give my umbrella and the foods to him and I said that you needed it more than I did. I, then, run away like bad boy who did something wrong and leaving the old man in shock. I ran because I am scared he will reject my kindness or maybe his thankful or the awkwardness.

After helping him, I can finally focus on my work. I also notice that Diva is a little sad but she did not show to it because she did not do something that annoys me. I believe she may understand what just happened. She is such a sensitive and cute dog when she is without that temper.

Few hours passed by, the shop has to close and it is still raining outside. I have no choice but run home using my bag as umbrella. Poor Diva. I am sure she will understand me too. Haha. I stand in front of the door and take a few big deep breathe. And run to my home like someone is chasing me.

Everything is fine, until I rush into a man in a corner. I fall back and when I am about to sit in the street he pulls me up. No that did not happen, I am not in a movie. I actually fall in the street and my clothes are ruined. He apologizes to me and said that he was in a rush and he gotta go now. He leaves me in a shock. When I recover from the shock he was long gone. And there is a book in front of me. I assume that belongs to him but I look back he is nowhere to be found. I stand up and walk slowly back to my apartment. There is no need to rush. I am already soaked. I enjoy every moment under the rain and so as Diva.

When I arrived home, the first thing I did is to give Diva a warm and cosy bath. And then it is my turn. It is still raining heavy out there. Diva has decided that she wants to sleep next to me. I look at Diva for a while and still cannot fall asleep. So I pick up the book that he dropped early and start reading it. It is an old man and looks like it is older than. I start reading it and slowly fall asleep.

Goodnight, My Dream Diary.

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  1. Wow! Such a lovely story babe! Hopefully I could also put my thoughts into words as easy as this. You know sometimes I just couldn't find the right word for whatever I felt sometimes.
    This is such a great post babe!

    Elisha |

    1. so glad you like it:) i was scared that it is good enough


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