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I know I am annoying. I have been saying that for weeks and weeks and sure you guys are bored. But today is the day I move out and move into my dormitory. And probably spend the next one to two years in there. I am wishing that I can spend the next four years in here then I do not need to find my apartment later. Finding an apartment is always a headache. I would not get into that part as this is a post about me, moving in dormitory.

I am so excited about it and at the meanwhile I am worried about myself. I worried that I cannot take a good care of myself. I rely on my parents a lot. Well I mean the cleaning and organizing stuff. Oh also I cannot due with insert situation. These are the things that I always need my parents help. Let me tell you a little secret, I just learned how to do laundry. And I am 20 years old. I feel so embarrassed.

Excited. I cannot wait to meet new people and in a new environment. I know there are many people that does not like changes but I kind of like. Although the progress of changing is sometimes trouble, I still enjoy in it. The best part is doing everything in a new way and facing different kinds of situations.

So there are two dormitories in my university. I am not sure but there are at least two dormitories in my area. The one that I am moving in is less pricier as I am going home when I have holiday. You can stay in the other one, more pricier, during holiday even summer holiday.

Let us talk about the facility in my dormitory. I would not say my school has the most perfect facilities but what my school offered is pretty amazing. There is a library, gym room, and a few activity rooms. The university is very thoughtful and with all the facilities it is very convenience.

And this is my room. I am living with three more students and we all are studying the same thing. I mean it is pretty amazing, is it? You do not need to scare that you cannot wake up as your roommates can help you out sometimes.

I love the view of my dormitory. It is beautiful. I have always dreamed having a view of trees and unlimited sky. It is just perfect. Since my school is in the middle of a huge mountain, my school is very big and roads are quite slope. And that explain why you are not allowed to ride bicycle in school? And that kind of sucks as I love riding bicycle.

Hope you reading it. x

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  1. Sounds like you're exited about this! Good luck with it! xx

  2. I'm sure you'll manage perfectly! Good luck! | Acqua xx

  3. I moved into accommodation last year when I started Uni and you really fall into a routine of looking after yourself so dont worry too much!

  4. I moved out when I was 19 and I felt so scared too! For months all I would eat was pasta with ketchup and frozen nuggets haha but living on your own is the best experience. Enjoy it!


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