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I always enjoy writing this monthly summary post and enjoy reading others writing it. It always feels like I am doing a summary of what I have done in that month. And that sometimes kept me busy, not that I want to have something to write about. Just that I can feel responsible to myself and push myself to do something worth instead of wasting my time on whatever I was doing. Sometime reading others’ summary posts inspire me to dong something fun or exciting in that month.
I may or may not have mentioned that this is such an exciting month to me. I understand not most of you have the same feeling since school is going to start in the following month which now. I was excited about it is because I can go to university in other country and meeting all kind of new people. And basically they have never met me before, so do I. it is like having a fresh start. I do enjoy a fresh start. You can put everything down without any sort of worries that the past may embarrass in any way. So a fresh start in university is a very important thing to me.

Apart from being over excited about university, I arranged myself some courses about culinary. After finish taking those courses, I got a public examination for that. And it makes me pay 100% attention in class which I rarely do. Oh god that makes me such a bad student. But anyway I took three courses in total, they are Western culture culinary and bartender. And there is one still going on which a higher level of bartender. It is so difficult and my school start in one week. It is kind of stressing me out since I do not allow myself score under 90%. Is that expectation too high?

Despite my busyness, I management to have a week of freedom which is putting everything in behind and have fun with my family. We did not travel to any place far from our home. We were mostly enjoying the nature.

This is my summary of August. How are yours?

Hope you enjoy reading it. x

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  1. I love this kind of posts!

    Mia |

  2. I enjoyed reading. I also like reading monthly summary post. My month wasn't super exciting and wrote about what had happen in other post so didn't see the point of making a monthly summary for August.
    You will love University. really it's a completely different experience.
    Make the best of it and don't forget to share in your posts :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss


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