My August Favorites


Here it comes, my August favorites.
I have wanted to write to for quite some days.

Who does not need a sun glass in summer time?
Well, I bought a new sun glass and I love it.
I always love leopard. The reason I never get one is because it always makes me look older than I should have. And now I found a perfect one. So why not get one.
This is sun glass suit every outfits I got for summer.
And I am sure it will also fit for winter outfits.
(I cannot wait for winter. I really love winter.)

To be honest, I know this bag does not look good in photo.
(as I am not good at taking photo)
But it actually looks super-duper pretty and a feel of princess.
It is neither a huge bag nor a tiny little bag.
The size of this bag is perfect.
You can put your gum, wet tissue, hand cleanser gel, bobby pin etc in this bag.
You just put every tiny things in this bag then put it in a big bag.

I am a very lazy girl.
I always feel that cleansing my face is very trouble as there are many steps.
So I decided to give it a try. And it turns out so great that I want to repurchase it.
I tried to wear a heavy makeup just to test can it remover all the makeup.
And it can, it removed all the makeup on my face.
 It did not make my skin feel skin dry after using it. It is also one of the reason I love it.

I heard a lot of good comments about this set of eye brushes.
And I think I should give it I try.
Turn out it did not let me down. The brushes are so soft.

Well, it is summer. We get sweaty and smelly so easy.
So I have been using this 24 hours parfum deodorant from Playboy.
The smell is adorable, sweet and lovely.
I have been for the whole summer and it is near the end of the bottle.
I will need to get a new one soon.
And it is not pricy at all, sure that a student can afford one of these.

I was shopping in The Body Shop yesterday. And I took these three babies to my home.
Gonna write a review on them later.

Cheers!! Hope you have a lovely day:) xo


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