Notebook For Back To School or Daily Essential


There are some notebooks that I feel like everyone should have.
Notebooks are not only for school but also for daily basis.
But there are two kinds of notebooks that I love enjoy using them during my school time.

This is a small notebook that I will write everything in it.
It might be what I should do next, homework, and some little tricky prank.

Just look at how cute the cover of the notebooks is.
I love them when I first see them on the self.
The pattern is just so adorable.

There is some blank space on top of the page. You may write down the date, your mood etc.
And then down below, I kind of love the gap between all those lines.
It might be a little bit wide to other people, but I kind of like it.
By the way, I am going to use one of them to write down my everyday ‘to-do-list’.
(so that I could be more productive hehe)

This notebook is just so gorgeous. The colours of gold white and black put together are so pretty.
Also I really love the rose gold rings beside the notebook.
(rings? Is it the name? idk xdd)
I have not decided how to use this motebook.
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  1. Aw I love the back to school/uni shop! And notebooks are strangely super exciting, i think sketchbooks are my favourite to buy! Xx

    1. yeah me too !! i cannot stop buying them even i got so many untouched at home. xx


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