A Trip To Kaohsiung and Kenting w/ family – DAY ONE


I spent two days staying in Kaohsiung and the rest of the day in kenting.
I had an absolutely wonderful time with my family.

W did not live in a hotel in Kaohsiung but Bed and Breakfast (BNB).
Before I arrived in the BNB, I was quite negative about it. As it is not as good as a hotel. Like it did not provide breakfast to us. We need to find a restaurant for ourselves in the morning.

It was not fine at first but after I arrived there I kind of regret how I feel about that place. As walking along the street, there is lots of domestic food that really attract me.

We arrived in Kaohsiung around 11 o’clock. After leaving our suitcase in the BNB, we had our first meal in a restaurant. The outfit of the restaurant is not fancy or new but the food is absolutely delicious and the waiter in there is so polite and patient. The reason I said the waiter is so patient is that my mandarin is not fluent or even good. I spend quite some time to tell the waiter what we really want to have. And the waiter did not show a single of impatient but teaching me how to pronounce. ( forgive me that I forgot to take any photo)

this is the hallway of the BNB
My younger sister and I did not go so far away from the BNB as we are new there. But we went to the library that is near my BNB and it is so close to the 85 sky tower.

The library is so new and gigantic. There are many books that you cannot see in Hong Kong.

Apart from the book, we went to the roof of the building. The design of the roof is so relaxing and comfortable but a little bit too hot for me. Haha

day time of the roof

The roof is quite cool at the night tho.

We spent a few hours in the library not only reading the books but also waiting to take photo at night. As the waiter told me that I should take a look of the library at night time.

I did not regret that I patiently wait for two to three hours it was so worthy.

After taking photo of the library, we went to have hotpot with my family. This is the place that the owners of the BNB recommend us to try. They specifically told us not to order extra food if we order a set of dinner.

Well, we took their recommendation and turns out they are absolutely right. We only order one set of dinner for every single person. When it arrived, it is unexpectedly huge. It will be quite hard to explain in words. So photo will be better to explain my feeling for the meal.


And at the end, will I recommend it to my friends?
YES, HELL YES. I am going recommend this restaurant to my friends well also my relatives.

So this is my first day in Kaohsiung.

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