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Hello everyone.

I cannot believe the 31 days blog challenge is finished. Time really flies. And when time flies, it means I am having fun. Well I am, I really enjoy the past 31 days. And after I finish my 31 days challenge, I realize I have not done a May favourite. And there are things that I love in May.

TV Series


It is the girl with tattoo on her body attracts me to watch this series and you know what. I absolutely LOVE it. And by the mean of love it, I finished it within 2 days. I never thought I am capable of this. Not until now. I love how intense the story is and Jane Doe struggled between the two men, also the innocent and naive inside her. !!SPOILER ALERT!! It is so heartbroken when David died who was Patterson’s boyfriend. I think they are very cute. I was so shocked when I hear his death.


Well, I mentioned him on my previous blog. I freaking obsessed with this TV series. You probably cannot stop me from watching him. This is such an intense and unpredictable TV series. This is what makes me love about him. Also I like Barbara, Nygma and the Joker. Despite how much I dislike those ‘heros’, I think there appearance is perfect. I mean you gotta have some balance in it, right?

White Collar

To be honest I did not see this coming. I was not sure about watching it when one of my best friends strongly recommended (she basically force me haha) it to me last week. I love the ‘bizarre love triangle’ between Peter, Neal and Elizabeth. They are so cute. They are my favourite cheater.

The following clothing that I want to talk about is nobody. They do not have a brand name; just bought them when I walked pass a store in the corner of a street.

If I ask, I have never worn a legging, do you believe me? Well that is the truth. Just not long ago, I am the kind of person that like short shirt and slightly hated long shirt. And they do not fit legging, not at all. But why do like it now? The material that use for legging is thinner than jeans and I feel cooler when I wear it. It is summer, forgive me. It is like the heat can finally find a way out. And that is absolutely brilliant. I have loved it in the past three weeks and am looking forward to it.

Grey Shirt
I love it. I love the materials and how loose it is. It is perfect for sleeping and going out with friends. It is just so cozy.


' Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, focus on what could go right.'
Another phrase, being positive. There are few days that I was quite upset in May. School just caught me up and I could not shake it off no matter how hard I try. And I kept thinking the worse thing that would happen if I did not do my best, what would happen then? I was quite down in that few days but until I saw the quote. I tried to think what I could do in the future without focusing in school. Seeing what I want for my career helps me figuring out the problem of school. And I feel a little bit relax after since having a little clue is better than nothing.

So they are the things that I love through May. Do you any favourite in May?

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  1. Amazing quote! And I'll have to check out those shows!!

    Adi xx

  2. Congratulations meeting your goal of posting 31 days straight! You've done a great job and I have enjoyed each and everyone of your posts! ^_^ This past may I got really into the tv series on netflix. It's REALLY good! :)

  3. Congrats with your 31 Day challenge! In May, I have been loving the weather! xx

  4. Ooooh congrats! I don't think I could've done it, so props to you! xx


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