Food Diary #3 | Sushi Express


穴子の蒲焼 / Grilled Conger Eel

ティラピア鯛の蒲焼 / Grilled Tilapia Belly

サーモン / Salmon

かに蒲鉾サラダ / Imitation Crab Leg Meat Salad

焼サーモンハラス / Grilled Salmon Belly

味付ししゃも卵 / Seasoned Capelin Roe

When I was shopping with my mum, we walk past Sushi Express and thought why not try it. This is not an expensive restaurant but their foods were ok. Although they do not have the best quality of food, the service in there is so good. Waitresses always have a smile on their face and they are very patient even there are lots of works.

We ate lots of sushi and I forgot to take photo. (Some of them)

Anyways these are what we had.

How do they taste?
Overall I will give a 6.5/10. But the yogurt cheese cake tasted so amazing. Sadly I saw it when I was quite full. Or happily haha. Is it quite odd that your favourite food in the sushi restaurant is a yogurt cheese cake? ha. Who knows?
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  1. YOGURT CHEESE CAKE?! OMG. That sounds immense! Im not a massive fan of sushi myself, but I love cheesecake! xx

  2. I haven't tried yogurt cheesecake before, I wonder how it tastes :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  3. I am obsessed with sushi and this post is making me hungry LOL!

    Dakota D.
    Instagram: @missdsquared413

  4. yogurt cheesecake? sound interesting. love sushi tho :)

  5. I wonder how the grilled Tilapia belly taste..

    Awesome foods photo!! I'm salivating now.

    Fay x []


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