25 Facts About Me


Good morning lovely people.
I have been blogging for a few months but it seems that you guys do not know much about me. so I decided to do a 25 Facts about me. hope you enjoy it.

  1. I LOVE dark chocolate. (85% or above)
  2. I am 163cm tall (wish I could be taller)
  3. Winter is always my favorite season
  4. always love night-flight
  5. I am more willing to spend hundred of thousand of dollars on skin care product than cosmetics.
  6. I love cream mask and cannot handle sheet mask.
  7. My favorite bean is Red Kidney beans.
  8. I prefer texting with people then have a chat on phone with people. (I'm weird I know.)
  9. I am allergic to to kiwi.
  10. I think I am more productivity when I am on my own.
  11. My left eye is shortsighted and right eye is farsighted. Uhhhhh……
  12. When it comes to candy my first choice is sour candy. For me, they just taste so good.
  13. there are so many cosmetics and skin care brand that i really wanna try
  14. not sure I like mint chocolate
  15. I do not have a favorite color
  16. I suck at running
  17. I rarely wear nail polish as my nails are ugly
  18. pancakes are great never get bored with them
  19. cannot choose between coffee and tea
  20. really like furry things
  21. cannot handle rainy day
  22. sticker collector
  23. really really enjoy spicy food
  24. there is always a case on my phone
  25. there is always an umbrella in my bag if I carry a bag haha

So these are my 25 facts about me, tell me something about you :)

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  1. Ahah, I can relate to most of these. Especially 5 and 12!
    I've never met anyone else who preferred sour tasting candy over sweet :p

    1. yeahh me too, sour candy is just special. I always feel that if your skin is not in the best condition there is no point wearing makeups because it probably goes wrong haha


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