April Favourite | 2016


Since I was scrolling throw my blog, I realized I have not done a monthly favourite post. And I thought why not. I am not doing this for posting as I really have few items that I really like. They are all beauty products.


I suck at waiting my nails to dry and always screw it right after painting it. If you like me that always struggle with it. I highly recommend this product to you. Apply one to two drops after you finish painting your nails. And it will dry so much quicker. 

Skin Care

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (Link)
I bought this product long time ago and mentioned it in my blog before. (Link) But I did not reach out for it as many times as I had spots since my spots always go away within few days and they did not seems to bother me a lot. But that does not happen in this month. My spots went crazy. Not the kind of crazy that get all over your face. My spots, huge one, stayed on my face for almost a week and do not seem to go away. And whenever I press them, it hurts. But luckily the situation changes when I use the tea tree oil from The Body Shop. I will take few drops on my finger and then tap it on my spots. After that my spots did get better but it also took me around two days. The cute little tea tree oil works really on me and it smells amazing. I think my spots have every reason to do with the weather. I have not get used to the weather. It is always so hot and wet.


Oh god, I love this nude. I have been obsessed with nude lately and it seems to be the right colour for me. I applied this lipstick with a very natural make-up look.

Again I bought this item a long time ago and mentioned in my Forever 21 Haul. (Link) And the colour that I have been using throw out this month is nude colour on the bottom left. No doubt it is a nude colour again. It looks matte on your lip but it is quite moisturizing. If you want to add some shimmery colour on top of that nude, I would definitely recommend a pinky nude colour that sits on second top right corner


Maybelline DreamLash Film Base
I mentioned it in my Teen Tiny Make-up Haul. (Link) I really like this mascara base as I am not looking for volume and length for my eyelashes. I just want a very natural and comfort look and she did a great job. I understand it may not be everyone's cup of tea. But anyways I like it! Bear in mind that this product is in white colour so you may need to clean off some extra product on your eyelashes.

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Oh by the way I am planning to do a 31 days blog challenge on May. Anything you want be to blog about?

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  1. I haven't done a favourites post for ages either! The Body Shop tea tree oil is so good, I ran out ages ago and never got around to repurchasing. Something I should probably do!

    Sally - DiagonSally

  2. Favourites posts are so cool, I've just done one! That quick dry drop sounds so useful, I've learned to stay still but it's still hard! Great post, mind checking out mine?

    onmywayacqua.blogspot.com | Acqua xx

  3. Great post! X I love seeing what people have been loving throughout the month ! X


  4. i just follow your blog. great post and blog <3
    continue the great work.

  5. So many cute finds! Love the lip colors


  6. I love teatree oil for spots! I always used to use it when I was younger!

    Corinne x

  7. The teatree oil from The Body Shop is my favourite! I've been repurchasing it since 2014. I love the minty feeling it gives. Thanks for sharing <3

    Paper Hobbit || www.paperhobbit.blogspot.com

  8. I've never heard of a product that makes your nails dry faster, that would be a lifesaver!



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