I went to FOREVER 21 the other day with my friend and I bought quite a few items.
Although it is just a few items, it still causes lots of money. Sad
FOREVER 21 not only sell clothing, accessories and shoes but also sell cosmetics.
I want to try their cosmetics as it is not very expensive and there are so many choices.
So I think I would have it a try.

First, it would be the eye shadow palette.
There are 24 colours in this palette. I love the colours.
There are white, red, brown and grey etc.
It is easy to apply on your eye lid. The colours are outstanding.
But not all of them are perfect, seems like pink is not that outstanding.
It is hard to put pink on your eye lid. You need to do a few layers so that you can see the pink.
(And of course I did apply eye shadow primer.)
But I think it is fine for me, I rarely use pink. The most colour I use would be brown. Haha
By the way, when you open it there is a smell, sometimes I love the smell sometimes I do not.

This is my first time buying a lip palette. I was excited to try it.
Whenever I open this palette there is a smell. It smells good, sweet and kind of tasty. haaa
There are 10 colours in the palette. I have not tried all of them but only half of them.
The 5 colours that I tried were very nice. I like it.
There is one more good thing about it which is it comes with a double head brush.
I can use the brush to apply them on my lip instead of applying them by my hand.
It is a very lovely and thoughtful design.
Also, the lip product is in a cream form, it would not be very dry. And one more reason for me to like this lip palette.

This is the kind of t-shirt that you can wear at home or just having a meal with family.
It is because this t-shirt is super comfortable.

Love at first sight!!
I got a similar one at home but it does not suit me well. The old one is kind of small for me.
So I bought a new one. And it is beyond perfect.
The length of the jacket is right in point. The material is so soft which is great.
I will recommend wearing it in the middle of Autumn to the beginning of Winter.
As it will be the perfect timing for it.

It is hard not to like the black and white stripe.
It is also very cozy.
I like how it shows your tummy out and the design of the collar.
This black and white stripe is so suitable for wearing it in Autumn. It is literally the perfect timing.

Omg!! Love at first sight too!!
I do not have this colour of jeans at home and I finally got one.
These jeans make your legs look thinner. This is the kind of jeans that I love.
(and everybody loves)
I think it is suitable for all the months although it might be little bit hot in Summer.
People tend to wear cold colours clothing during Autumn and Winter and I believe you should need some clothes in a lighter shade.
And wearing it in Summer time may makes you look more sunshine and pretty.

This is my FOREVER 21 haul. Did you buy anything lately? If yes, please tell me about it.  

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  1. Nice haul! I always love a stripy top, I need to go shopping! Xx

    1. haha thanks
      have you plan to buy any makeup Christmas set?


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