What do I use to remove my MAKEUP??


There are many people wear makeup every day and so do teenagers. But do you know what product you should use to remove your makeup?

There are two products that I have been using in the past nine months and three months. I absolutely love both products. They did I good job on removing makeup.

I have been using the first product for nine months. It is the Neutrogena deep clean. I was shocked by its ability for removing makeup. Neutrogena deep clean did a perfect job on removing either heavy makeup or light makeup. Although it can remove both kinds of makeup, I recommend it for removing heavy makeup. It is because I got any other product that is for removing light makeup.

Neutrogena deep clean

How to use:
1.  Use your hand to take a suitable amount of cream (Is it called cream? I have no idea. Haha) from   Neutrogena deep clean.
2.  Gently blend it on your face and massage it for around 15 second.
3.  Wipe it with tissue paper
4.  Wash your face with any facial foam.

So, this is product that I use to remove my heavy makeup.

The second product that I have been using for three months is the HOLIKA HOLIKA Soda Pore Cleansing (Cleansing Soda Water). It did a perfect job on removing light makeup.
As I am working now, I usually wear light makeup to work.
I do not want to use Neutrogena deep clean every time as I believe it is a little bit wasteful for removing light makeup. So I purchased HOLIKA HOLIKA Soda PoreCleansing and wanted to give it a try.
I am the kind of people that love trying new product. But I have to be very careful about it as I have a sensitive skin. If I am allergic to the new product, it takes a lot of time for recovery. It is something that no girls love or want. The reason of having courage to try this product is that my friend recommends it to me. And it turns out very good.

How to use:
1. Pump a suitable amount of HOLIKA HOLIKA Soda Pore Cleansing on your cotton.
2. Gently wipe it on your face and massage the same spot a few times.
  **Clean your face two to three times with new cotton.
3. Wash your face with water.
4. Wash your face with any facial foam that you are currently using.

They are the two products that I am using to remove my makeup. I hope it can help you.

Please let me know what product you are using to remove your makeup in the comment so that I could try next time. :) 

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