Annabelle’s One-Month Old Birthday


It has been a lovely day. I woke up early which I really like and had some happy time with my relatives.
Today is day of Annabelle’s one-month old birthday. She is my cousin’s daughter.
Although Annabelle is still a little baby, you call from her eyes that she is smart.
She is trying to memorize all of her relatives. And amazingly she did not cry while others hold her in arm.

Apart from the lovely baby, let’s talk about tea buffet that we had in a hotel.
To be honest, I did not have a high expectation for the tea buffet.
But when I arrived, I know I was wrong.

First step in the hotel restaurant, I saw this lovely tea table and two comfortable chair.

And then moving forward, it is the whole view of all the food.
There are more photos down below.

This is my favorite food out of all the food even the dessert.
I mean if you know me I always go with dessert first. Haha

Those sandwiches taste so delicious.
And I love the top right hand corner the most.
It is cheese with ham. (you can see a closer look later)

Next to the sandwiches, there are some pies.
They taste so perfect when they just got out from the oven.
They are very crispy which I love the most.

 It is ICE-CREAM. Yeahhh
They do not have lots of choice and only got strawberries and vanilla.
 But there are many topping choice that you can add which is lovely.

What is after ice-cream? DESSERT!!!
The desserts taste really good.
I had a few plant of them.

(a messy organization) haha 

(reorganize it) haha
It still does not look good.

(Sandwich with sashimi)

And this is the sandwich I mentioned above.
Love it!! It tastes really good.

Salt, Pepper, Sugar and Lemon Tea

This is my view of the hotel when I looked up.

This is view of the hotel when my phone looks up. Haha

When I leave the hotel, these butterflies are on the wall.
I love the decoration.

So this is the first time I had a tea buffet in a hotel.
It is a good experience.
Tell me your experience of having tea buffet in a hotel or send me some photo.

There is another haul going up.
Pay attention to my social media.

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